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Osborne House, Isle Of Wight 2011  Ref No 90

Stokesay Castle, Shropshire  2011  Ref No 88 SOLD

View from the Church at Stokesay, England 2011 Ref No 105 SOLD

Overlooking the Gatehouse at Stokesay, England 2011  Ref No 104 SOLD

Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy 2011  Ref No 99

View From Piazza Michelangelo, Florence  2011 Ref  No 97

The Colosseum, Rome 2011 Ref No 96

Piazza San Pietro, Rome  2011 Ref  No 102

Returning To The Dawn Princess, Mykonos  2011 Ref No 100

The Erechtheion, Six Maidens, Acropolis, Athens 2011 Ref No 101

Corfe Castle, Purbeck, Dorset, England 2011 Ref No 103

Church of St John the Baptist, Stokesay 2012  Ref No 106 SOLD

Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon, England 2011  Ref No 93

The Gatehouse, Stokesay, England 2012 Ref No 108 SOLD

Lathom Chapel,  Lancashire, England 2009  Ref No 18

Leaning East, St Mary's, Kirkby Lonsdale 2009  Ref No 16 SOLD

The Boathouse On Ulva, Scotland 2010 Ref No  68

The Blacksmiths, Fagan Park, Sydney 2012 Ref No 107  SOLD

Elizabethan Gem, Gawthorpe Hall, Lancashire 2011 Ref No 89 SOLD

Istanbul, Constantinople 2011 Ref No 98

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